About the Northern Bush site and its future

I decided to start this site for two reasons: First of all, friends from all over the world have expressed their interest in hiking, living in the wild and northern nature in particular. Many countries do not give the opportunity to experience the wild in the way that most of Scandinavia does quite liberally. Second, I have a strong personal love for these topics and although I feel quite comfortable staying in the woods, even on my own, there is still so much to learn and I figured I might share some thoughts on that as I go along.

I am far from an expert on the topics of bushcrafting and living in the wild, but I have some things to draw from that give me at least a basic insight, with some military training including 2 months of field medic training and with NCO field training in the far north of Sweden at temperatures dropping to -36C. I also received some further medical and emergency training from working as a life guard and have other useful bits just from growing up in a place and time where playing with knives and being in the woods was natural. Something which has stayed with me and have been of good use to me when hiking.

The basic idea is not to claim to be any sort of expert though, but rather share experience and thoughts in articles and then link to actual experts and their material where suitable. All of it I hope will come together to a site that covers many topics and thereby interest most people. All this without going for any hardcore profile in any way, something which I feel is a common problem with many similar sites.

The plans for the site are quite open still and possibly it will develop similarly to its sister site HROARR.com, with a growing community sharing ideas. It will certainly grow with the wishes and requests of its followers.

I hope you will find the site interesting and useful and if you do, then please share it with your friends on various social media.

/Roger Norling

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