Woodcraft, camping & life in nature

The Prairie Traveler – A Hand-book by Randolph Marcy, 1859

How to Camp Out by John Gould, 1877

Bodines or camping on the Lycoming by Thad S. Up De Graff, 1879

Camp Life in the Wilderness by Charles Farrar, 1879

Camp Life in the Woods by William Hamilton Gibson, 1880

Mountain Scouting by Edward Farrow, 1881

Practical hints on Camping by Howard Henderson, 1882

Camping in the Alleghanies or Bodines by Thad S. Up De Graff, 1883

Woodcraft by George Washington Sears, 1884

Among the Laurentians by Sydney Kendall, 1885

Camping and Camp Outfits by George Shields, 1890

The book of camping and woodcraft by Horace Kephart, 1906

Camp and Trail by Edward Stewart White, 1907

Way of the Woods by Edward Breck, 1908

Trailing and Camping in Alaska by Addison Powell, 1910

Camping by Alexandra “Biddy” Lockwine, 1911

Camping for boys by Henry Gibson, 1911

Harper’s Camping and Scouting – An outdoor guide for American boys, 1911

The Campers’ own book by George Bryan, 1912

The Book of Woodcraft and Indian Lore by Ernest Thompson Seton, 1912

The Complete American and Canadian Sportsmans’s Encyclopedia of Valuable Instructions by Francis Buzzacott, 1913

Winter Camping by Warwick Stevens Carpenter, 1913

Alone in the wilderness by Joseph Knowles, 1913

Vacation Camping for Girls by Jeanette Marks, 1913

Tramping and Camping by Dwight Woolf, 1913

Camp and Outing Activities by F.H. Cheley & Cornelius Baker, 1915

The Campfire girls in the Maine Woods by Hildegard Frey, 1916

The Book of Camping by Verrill Hyatt, 1917

Camps and Trails by Henry Abbot, 1918

Camping out by Warren Miller, 1918

Woodcraft by E.H. Krepps, 1919

Boys’ Handybook of Camp Lore and Woodcraft by Dan Beard, 1920

The Book of Camp Lore and Woodcraft by Dan Beard, 1920

The Boy Scouts’ Hike Book by Edward Cave, 1920

Holidays in tents by W.M. Childs, 1921

Camp Stoves and Fireplaces by Taylor A.D, 1937

Basic Cold Weather Manual FM-31-70 by US Army, 1968

The Foxfire Book by Anon, 1971

Bushcraft, Scouting and Woodlore Notes by R.W Oelslager, 1984

Log house building

Byggnadsteknik och timmerkonst (Building techniques and the art of timbering) by Peter Sjömar, 1988

Handicraft, netmaking, knots etc

How to make your own fishing nets by Dan Beard, Boys’ Life Magazine, July 1921

Handbook of Knots and Splices by Charles Gibson, 1961

Net Making by Anthony Emery, ca1970

Basic Blacksmithing by David Harries & Bernhard Heer, 1993

Pioneering Knots and Lashings by Kennett Square

How to make Old Time Clothes by Anon

How to make soap by Anon

Mönsterbok för samisk hemslöjd (Pattern book for sami crafting) 1920/1970

Tracking wildlife, hunting

Hunting with the Bow and Arrow by Saxton Pope, 1923

A guide to Animal Tracking by Rick Curtis, 1995

A guide to Nature Observation and Stalking by Rick Curtis, 1995


Handbok i överlevnad (Swedish Army survival manual, in Swedish) by Lars Fält, 1984

US Military Survival, Evasion and Recovery, 1999

WA Police Academy – Command and Land Operations Unit, 2002

FM 21-76 US Army Survival Manual

Axes & Knives

Axe Manual by Peter McLaren, 1929

An Ax to Grind – A practical Ax Manual by Bernie Weisgerber, 1999


Walden by Henry David Thoreau, 1854

Boy’s Life – Boy Scout Magazine

Monthly issues 1911-2012

Swedish Tourist Association Yearbook (Svenska Turistföreningens Årsbok)

Yearly issues 1886-1944 (Swedish Only)

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