Quick Review: Carinthia Defence 4 Sleeping Bag

Carinthia is an Austrian high end maker which targets both military/civlian use with products of reliable design and top quality. The company has been producing sleeping bags and clothes for low temperatures for nearly 70 years, and as a result their gear is popular among military, hunters, survival specialists and other outdoors people. All Carinthia’s products are manufactured in Europe, in Austria, and in Slovakia and Moldova.

The Carinthia Defense Defense 4 winter sleeping bag is meant to be used in sub zero temperatures down to about -9 to -15C, and is both water- and windproof. The synthetic fibre means it is quite light and warm, but dries up inside a lot quicker than down, in case it gets moist or wet. Designed to military standards it is very strong and durable. It is also designed as part of a system where you can add the lighter Carinthia Tropen bag, a bag meant to be used to down to about 0C, for additional warmth in even colder temperatures.

Data for the Carinthia Defense 4 winter sleeping bag:

Pack size: 25 x 38 cm
Outer shell: Waterproof, windproof
Comfort Female: – 8,8C
Comfort Male: – 16,1C
Extreme Male: – 36,6C

Size: M
Measurements (cm): 185/84/57
Weight: 1.850 g

Size: L
Measurements (cm): 200/87/60
Weight: 2.000 g

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